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      2. Nantong Yongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Yangkou Chemical Park of Rudong Coastal Economic Development Park-a featured park of Jiangsu province for chemical industry.

        At present, we enjoy good location and convenient transportation: Jiangsu coastal high-grade highway passes through our park, and we are very close to Yangkou Port-the first-class open port of China; driving south about one hour via Province Highway 225, and crossing Yangqi Expressway, Yanhai Expressway, Nanjing-Qidong Expressway and Yangtze River, you can enter the intercity circle of Jiangsu-Shanghai-Zhejiang immediately.

      3. Chinese name:Pigment Violet 23Molecular formula:C34H22C12N40
      4. English name:Pigment Violet 23Characters:Blue purple powder, cubic crystal
      5. CAS:6358-30-1Uses:For high-grade industrial coatings, printing inks, resins, plastics, synthetic fibers puree coloring.
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